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2 In 1 Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

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The 2 In 1  Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner frees you from the traditional way of cleaning, making cleaning more relaxing and much faster. With this fantastic device, you’ll save time and energy and most importantly, have a super tidy home!

Because this fantastic vacuum cleaner is wireless, you don’t need to worry about plug sockets. You can also access all the tight corners that are generally hard to get to with traditional vacuums. This product is also ideal if you have children or animals, as there are no hazardous wires or electrical points. 


  • Enjoy walking the dog: In use, the traction force from the front is formed by motor driving. Dragging the vacuum forward is able to save you more effort.
  • LED lighting: let the dust have no place to hide. Lower independent motor, built-in independent motor.
  • Cleaning and suction 2 in 1, substantially improves the efficiency of dust collection. Safe lock for children, press and hold 3s to start the function, no longer worry about the children’s touch.
  • Flexible agitation of 270 °: agile balancing from four directions that allows cleaning each corner, from left to right, arbitrary flexion of 170 °, from front to back, 100 ° free undulation.
  • Electric mite removal brush: Mite removal rate as high as 99.9%. Combination of electric mite removal brush and manual mode of a nylon brush, clean mattress, cloth, etc., fine mite removal, a machine with dual uses.


  • 8900pa Vacuum Degree
  • 130W Suction
  • Power 55 min Long Endurance
  • 1.5kg Portable Main Device
  • 75dB Low Decibel
  • 6 Brushes for Application


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